Brooklyn RaVisions is a local landscape and garden service committed to biodiversity, function and creativity. Our gardens contain native perennial plants and organic matter in place of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

We support other local businesses with our business and compost all spent plant material.


custom carpentry

plant design and installation

event florals

garden maintenance


fence design and installation

stone & pavers

retaining walls

leaf removal

holiday decorating



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Who we are

Brooklyn RaVisions has revived and created green spaces at some of your favorite local haunts. We are a business owned and run by diverse non-profit professionals with backgrounds in urban revitalization, permaculture, organic agriculture and event production.



Rosemarie Miner

Ashton Francis



Rosemarie began a journey with agriculture and plants at a wee-age but really began to harness plant wisdom when she spent the summer volunteering with WWOOF France. She served as an AmeriCorps in 2012 and has worked toward equitable access to green space since.

Ashton started gardening with his Bajan grandmother in front of their home in Flatbush. He completed an internship with the MillionTrees NYC program in 2009. He used this opportunity to cultivate over a decade of experience in carpentry, masonry and gardening with a city-wide non-profit.



Thanks, once again, to my “private” gardener, and friend, for the beautiful terrace. Georges Andres looks better every year!
— SuperFrench of Georges Andres Vintage Cafe
Everything is alive and looking great, which is an accomplishment for us. The old planter is holding up like new after your repairs!! Thank you and thanks for checking in!
— Cynthia